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The point of creepy 'Twilight' doll is publicity stunt

"Chuckesmee", the animatronic doll that everyon'es talking about from "Twilight". Photo via Summit Entertainment.
“Chuckesmee”, the animatronic doll that everyon’es talking about from “Twilight”. Photo via Summit Entertainment.

Apparently a proposal was made with a prototype doll to act as a stand-in for “Twilight’s” protagonist  Bella’s half vampire-half human baby, but it turned out to be a freaky/creepy animatronic doll that scared everyone on the set.

The picture of the ‘ewww’ inducing doll surfaced on Twitter on Monday and quickly went viral. The “reborn“-esque doll was so disturbing and bothersome that apparently the cast of Twilight, inlcuding Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed put the kibosh on working with the zombie robot.

Nicknamed Chuckesmee, the doll relegated to hiding in silence all these years, made its debut this week as part of a “Twilight” Bluray/DVD collection that took flight this week. In short, Chuckesmee is a publicity stunt.

Hello mummy Bella. I'm your fake baby. Photo via Summit Entertainment.
Hello mummy Bella. I’m your fake baby. Photo via Summit Entertainment.

The viral video featuring the test pilot of Chuckesmee and its shunning by the “Twilight” mega stars is doing exactly what it’s supposed to — making everyone aware of the pre-holiday launch of their box. The special feature explaining how the doll was cut from “Breaking Dawn” because it was too weird can be seen in the video below. It was decided rather quickly that the ghoulish doll would be replaced by a real human, Mackenzie Foy.

Part of the reason the doll was even proposed was because of its minimal screen time.  Bella and Edward’s love child grew at a supposed unprecedented rate, so it was supposed have only a few moments of fame. So far, Chuckesmee has had that and then some.