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Boy finds loaded gun in movie theater bathroom

Zane Noland, 9, found loaded gun in theater bathroom, alerted dad on Father’s Day. Screen shot via WTSP.

A 9-year-old boy found a loaded Glock 26  9-mm handgun inside a bathroom stall on Sunday, prompting the boy to tell his dad and alert authorities.

Zane Noland was at a theater in Tampa, Florida, to see a movie with his dad on Father’s Day when Zane found the gun. Zane immediately notified his father, an ex-Marine who currently owns a conceal and carry weapon permit.

The boy’s father, Wesley Noland, said he went inside the bathroom stall and saw the weapon on top of the toilet paper dispenser. Mr. Noland was thankful he was able to secure the gun before a small child got a hold of it and harmed him or herself or someone else.

Noland said, “That the gun could have been picked up by a child, or it could have been picked up by a convicted felon or a rowdy group of teenagers or something like that. But in any case, it could have been used in a crime or accidentally discharged and it could have killed somebody in the theater, worst of all a kid.”

Tampa Police say they are trying to trace the gun back to its owner. Police aren’t sure if the gun  properly registered and legal at this time, speculating that the owner may have left it unintentionally or if the gun was stolen. Either way, police say the person who left it there could be charged with a crime even if it was left there by accident.