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Teen lands in ER after soy sauce overdose

It's possible to overdose on soy sauce. Photo via Wikicommons.
It’s possible to overdose on soy sauce. Photo via Wikicommons.

A 19-year-old Virginia man almost died after drinking 3/4 of a bottle of soy sauce, on a dare.

Doctors submitted the case for publication in early June, as a way to inform medical staff around the world that excess salt consumption can be lethal, along with recommendations about successful treatment methods. Drinking excessive amounts of soy sauce can lead to hypernatremia, which is acute dehydration or lack of water in the body.

Subsequently, the teen wound up being in a coma for three days. His symptoms included seizures, twitching and near organ failure.

Physicians responded by treating the teen with a sugar water solution. According to Fox News, the teen was given 1.5 gallons of the water mixture within 30 minutes, a highly aggressive approach.

The teen responded well to treatment and fully recovered, although part of his brain showed seizure effects for several weeks. Doctors say the teen’s case is a case study for effective treatment. In the past, doctors moved to reduce sodium levels gradually with poor results. This time, doctors acted quickly and aggressively, resulting in a positive outcome.

In China, soy sauce overdose was used in ancient times as a way to commit suicide.