Gay high school couple named "cutest couple" in contest

Dylan Meehan, 18 (left) and Brad Taylor, 17 (right) named "cutest couple" of Carmel High School in New York. Photo via Carmel HS.
Dylan Meehan, 18 (left) and Brad Taylor, 17 (right) named “cutest couple” of Carmel High School in New York. Photo via Carmel HS.

A New York high school couple have been named “cutest couple” by their classmates, which have left the pair feeling overwhelmed according to a Tuesday report via the Houston Chronicle.

Brad Taylor, 17, and Dylan Meehan, 18, called the experience “surreal”. They said they weren’t surprised by the votes because their classmates have been highly supportive and told the couple they were shoo-ins for the title. They say the media response has been viral and they had no idea their yearbook photo would garner so much attention, mostly positive.

Taylor and Meehan, both seniors at Carmel High School, have been dating over a year, and they say their classmates are part of a the culture of kids today who are more accepting and tolerant.

Taylor and Meehan’s classmates say the boys are popular and kind and easy to be proud of.

Freshman Cristal Leiva explained, “They’re very accepted because they’re so loving, toward everybody.”

The school says they sought permission from the boy’s parents before the announcement because they knew it would draw a lot of attention.

Meehan’s mother said her only concern was for her son’s safety, not the kids at his high school, because he and his relationship are well respected there, but outside his school. She called her son’s relationship with Taylor, “healthy and positive.”

The couple released a statement after being bombarded with interview requests and instant fame, which read in part, “[T]he thought of a photo of us traveling throughout the world would be a bit frightening, but now we are proud to be part of the LGBT community.”