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Teen speak analyzed, duh (video)

Teen speak analyzed. Photo via Karina Tischlinger.
Teen speak analyzed. Photo via Karina Tischlinger.

James Harbeck, a Linguist and Grammar expert, gives parents a useful tool in a new video which breaks down the dramatic expressions of teens, their origins and meaning.

One such sound that we hear coming from the animal we call “teen” is auuggghhhh and uhhhhh, followed by an eyeroll.

Much of their speech and sounds are in effort to show how irritated the teen is, or how utterly stupid they believe the person who is asking the question or making the comment, usually targeted to the authority figure like a parent, but can also be observed when the teen is talking to a friend or a little brother or sister.

In our house, we used to call this “cave speak”, but now we have a scientific breakdown of these Neanderthal responses.

All of this, is an effort by the teen to express their entire disgust with every situation they feel violated by, like doing homework, chores or making responsible decisions.