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9-year-old schools Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on school closings (video)

Asean, 9, tell Mayor Rahm Emanuel off in speech on Monday.
Asean, 9, tell Mayor Rahm Emanuel off in speech on Sunday.

Is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel smarter than a third grader?

Watch 9-year-old Asean at a Chicago school rally on Sunday, taking to the podium to scold Mayor Emanuel on his decision to close several Chicago Public Schools for lack of funding.

Asean isn’t very happy about that and pretty much tells Emanuel where he can shove his school closures.

“He [Rahm Emanuel] think he can just come into our school and move all our kids…let’s take this school out, we don’t care about these kids. But there’s kids in there, they need safety,” said Asean.

Asean went onto say, “Rahm Emanuel is not caring about us, he’s not caring about our safety. He’s only caring about his kids. He only care about what he needs. He do not care about anybody else but himself.”

Rahm Emanuel faced sharp criticism in 2011 when he decided to send his own children to exclusive private schools for privileged families, instead of sending them to Chicago Public schools he promised to turn around.

Parents are protesting the school closures in Chicago because they claim they unfairly target the poor neighborhoods and will force kids to travel even farther in dangerous neighborhoods, putting an undue burden on children who already face significant challenges.