Charles Ramsey creative account of Amanda Berry rescue goes viral

Charles Ramsey explains how he rescued imprisoned woman, believed to have been held in captivity for more than 10 years. Screen shot via You Tube.
Charles Ramsey explains how he rescued imprisoned woman, believed to have been held in captivity for more than 10 years. Screen shot via You Tube.

After a Cleveland, Ohio, man responded to the cries of a woman, who was screaming from inside his neighbors house, his description and retelling of how he eventually rescued the woman has captured the hearts of people worldwide as Charles Ramsey, now being hailed a hero, has become an Internet sensation.

Ramsey, who graciously offered the media his recount of the rescue of a woman he later learned was Amanda Berry, a woman believed to have either run away, been abducted or  killed ten years ago when she first disappeared in 2003. Berry was 16 years old at the time of her disappearance. Berry disappeared shortly after leaving her job at a Cleveland Burger King and her mother never believed the polices suggestion that she ran away. Unfortunately  Berry’s mother died of a heart attack in 2006, but never gave up hope that her daughter was still alive.

When Charles Ramsey heard the cries and a screaming woman, whom police now believe was held prisoner in suspect Ariel Castro’s basement for all these years, he quickly acted to free the woman and her 6-year-old daughter. Berry’s daughter is rumored to be the result of a sexual assault against Berry during her years of confinement.

After Berry was freed with the efforts of Ramsey, she called the police from Ramsey’s home and explained that she was the woman who had been missing for the last 10 years.

“I’m free now. I’ve been on the news for years,” Berry explained to the dispatcher.

Berry also told Ramsey there were two other women in the basement of Castro’s home, who had been held captive along with she and her daughter for almost the same amount of time.

Police would later find out the other women were also part of mysterious disappearance cold cases — Gina DeJesus, now 23, who disappeared when she was only 14 and Michelle Knight, now 32, who disappeared in 2002 when she was 22.

Their rescuer, Ramsey, has become an Internet sensation and hero after his flair for conveying his shock and horror to reporters has both entertained and punctuated this harrowing story.

Ramsey told reporters, “I got the day off from work, naturally you’re doing nothin’ and I hear this girl screamin’ and she’s going nuts, so I look and come outside and I know there’s nobody supposed to be screamin’ next door to my house because there’s no girl that lives in that house, so that’s a dead giveaway that something’s wrong. And when I came to the door and looked at her, she said my name is Amanda Berry and please, get me out of this house.”

“I knew something’s wrong when a little, pretty white girl ran to a black man. That the only reason she run to black man, either she homeless or she got problems. That’s the only reason she run to a black man.”

To listen to Ramsey’s 911 call to police, listen here. (Caution: Extreme Language)