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Teen dies after falling from 8th story apartment window

Teen falls from apartment window, dies. Screen shot via WFMZ.

A 14-year-old girl in Upper Merion Township, Pa., fell to her death on Tuesday night when she reportedly fell out her apartment window.

Investigators are not sure how the girl fell, but believe she purposely climbed out of the window, but fell by accident. The victim landed on a cement parking garage below her building. Falling eight stories is the equivalent of falling approximately 80 to 90 feet.

Initial reports suggested the teen initially survived the fall, but the unidentified girl succumbed to her injuries overnight and died.

Upper Merion Police Lt. Michael Martin said they are treating the incident as an accident, although they do have cause to believe why the girl climbed out the window in the first place. Martin says they won’t disclose the possible motive until the investigation is complete.

Martin said, “I can confirm that it appears to be accidental. There’s no foul play or suicide suspected.”