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8-year-old continually suspended from school for smelling bad

Krystal Hensley, mother of 2nd grader who keeps getting suspended for smelling bad. Screen shot via WJHL.

A young Tenn., girl has missed an extraordinary amount of school this year because her elementary school principal keeps sending her home based on allegations that the girl is “emitting a foul odor.”

Since the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, the second grader has been sent home a total of 24 times. The school claims they had no choice as the girl’s odor was so bad — teachers and students couldn’t even concentrate around her.

The girl’s mother, Krystal Hensley claims the youngster takes a bath every day and that she has taken her daughter to the doctor, but nobody can tell her why the little girl smells bad. She said the girl’s doctor said it wasn’t a medical problem.

Hensley claims that when school officials ask the youngster about her bathing habits, “she don’t (sic) remember.”

The school says the girl has admitted to them that she rarely bathes and sleeps in her clothes.

Ron Dykes, Washington County Director of Schools, spoke only in generalities but suggested that regular suspensions over hygiene are typically done as a last resort when the child’s caregiver or parent fails or refuses to resolve the issue.

Board Chairman Clarence Mabe told WJHL that the district needs to come up with a better plan. Mabe said, “I don’t know the answer, but we can ask the question and hopefully, somebody can help us.”

Mabe claimed to be unaware of the problem until WJHL asked him about it.

Since WJHL first reported the story earlier this week, several professionals have come out and offered to the help the girl. The girl was scheduled to meet with a pediatrician on Tuesday.