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Oregon middle school puts the kibosh on zombie survival class

Armand Larive Middle School nixes zombie survival course. Photo via Greg Nicotero/AMC/Walking Dead.

A middle school in Hermiston, Ore., was put under the microscope on Monday after parents started questioning a Zombie Survival Skills class they were offering to students at Armand Larive Middle School.

According to Fox 12, some parents complained about the class theme, suggesting that the subject matter was too violent for kids middle school age.

Teacher Rich Harshberger said that the class was created for a dual purpose — to teach kids basic┬ásurvival┬áskills, integrating reading and writing assignments.

Superintendent Dr. Fred Mariocco disagreed. The school district called the class “inappropriate” and Dr. Mariocco said he couldn’t even “believe that would be an actual class.”

The class has been replaced with an exploratory reading class which will be taught by the same teacher who proposed the zombie class.

However, the class as one of the school’s most popular, having some complaining that the administrators and parents are nothing but a kill-joy.