Baby shot in head: Two teens arrested

Sherry West, 41, witnessed infant boy being shot in head by teenage thugs. Screen shot via WTSP.

Two teenagers in Brunswick, Georgia, have been arrested on Friday afternoon following the heinous slaughtering of a baby believed to be between 10 and 13-months old on Thursday morning.

One of the suspects who was taken into custody this afternoon has been identified as Demarquis Elkins, 17. An unidentified 14-year-old was also arrested. His name has not been released because he is a minor.

The boys were arrested after they allegedly went up to a woman with a baby and shot her in the leg outside her home and then proceeded to shoot her infant son, Antonio.

The infant was shot in the head while he was sleeping in his stroller. The victim’s mother says the boy shot her baby because he was angry after she told them she didn’t have any cash on her.

The toddler’s mother, Sherry West, 41, told WAWS TV that she tried to shield her baby but one of the boys pushed her aside and the bullets were too fast and too many. She told WTLV that she thought the gun was fake and didn’t believe the boy would shoot her baby in daylight.

Infant shot and killed while sleeping in stroller. Two suspects arrested.

“You should be mowing lawns or rake leaves for money,” West told WTLV. “Not kill my baby.”

West has lived in the house she shares with her husband for seven years. The robbery and slaying occurred just outside her home in the historic Brunswick’s Old Town district in Georgia. A town described by West’s landlord as “quiet” and a “safe little neighborhood.”

West reportedly suffered the loss of another child in 2008 when your teenage son, Shaun Glassey, was killed. West also lost her first husband to cancer.

Police have reportedly recovered the handgun used to shoot Antonio and his mother.

Police are also still investigating the whereabouts of the third suspect.