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Freshman high school athlete dies shortly after track meet

Young teen athlete dies 9 days after being hit by discus at Texas high school. Photo via David Ritter.

A freshman teen at the Panhandle High School in Hereford, Texas, died nine days after a track meet after he was struck in his side with a discus.

A discus is a heavy disc used in track and field competitions, with competitors trying to throw the disc the farthest.

Joshua Ramirez, 15, was reportedly warming up for a track and field meet when he was hit in the hip with a discus. High school officials say that Ramirez was initially checked out by an athletic trainer who examined Ramirez’s injury and advised him to go the hospital if he started to feel increased pain. Ramirez then went to a follow up visit two days later, on March 10, saying he was experiencing increased pain. According to the school district website, Ramirez went to the hospital and was treated and released for a bruised hip.

Ramirez then started to feel unbearable pain and was taken to the Emergency Room on March 12, where he  admitted into the hospital into intensive care until March 17, when he died.

Ramirez’s obituary reads in part:

“Josh was born Feb.10, 1998, in Hereford, to Joshua John and Alma Silva Ramirez. He loved his Lord and his family.

Survivors include his parents; a brother, Isaac Ramirez; and two sisters, Teresa Ramirez and Krystal Ramirez.

The family suggests memorials be to The Church of God of the First Born, 207 E. Sixth St., Hereford, TX 79045.”