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Mother who disappeared with young daughter faked abduction

Rachel Koechner and her daughter Zoee. Photo via Facebook.

A Missouri mother who supposedly went missing on Thursday with her 4-year-old daughter, Zoee Sandner, were found by police and now detectives are calling the whole thing a hoax.

When Rachel Koechner, 28, went missing, her boyfriend and her mother contacted authorities. They were worried the mother and daughter had been abducted by the youngster’s father because of past domestic abuse allegations.

Turns out, Koechner was with her daughter’s father,┬áDevon Sandner, 37, but police believe at this time, Sandner was unaware of the made up story Koechner was telling her boyfriend. Although Sander wasn’t charged for the hoax, he was taken into custody because he had a warrant out for his arrest over prior forgery charges, according to the Daily Mail.

Koechner’s boyfriend told police that Koechner had called him from a hotel on Monday, but the boyfriend said something was off. He said it sounded as if she was reading off a script and when asked if she was OK, Koechner reportedly answered “No.”

Koechner also reportedly sent her boyfriend a text a few days earlier which read “Help me.”

Police went to the hotel in Blue Springs, Mo., but the mother and daughter were already gone. State Highway Patrol Officers located Koechner and her daughter Monday night by spotting their vehicle. Koechner was taken into custody.

Chariton County Sheriff Chris Hughes said, “Though investigation police learned she fabricated the story.”

Police have not released a motive for Koechner’s hoax or commented on whether Koechner has a history of mental illness.

One of Koechner’s Facebook “likes” from just a few weeks ago, was oddly enough for the Brookfield Police Department.