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11-year-old boy struck by train, condition upgraded

Dominic Szymanski, 11, recovering after foot amputated by train. Family photo.

A fifth grade boy returning home from school on Friday was hit by a Chicago commuter train in an upscale suburb northwest of the city.

Dominic Szymanski, 11, crossed the tracks around 6 P.M.. Szymanski was apparently waiting for an oncoming train to pass and stepped onto the tracks on the other side of the passing train. The victim didn’t realize that a train was approaching from his side of the tracks.

One of Szymanski’s feet was severed in the collision, the other foot seriously mangled. Szymanski also suffered scrapes and bruises.

When the accident occurred, local Good Samaritans and police officers immediately came to the boy’s aid. According to CBS Chicago, one such person was Trevor James, a hair stylist who said that someone in the salon he works at yelled to him that a boy had been hit by a train. James immediately went to Szymanski whom he says kept asking if he was going to die. James and attending police offers did their best to reassure Szymanski. James said it was obvious that the victim was in shock.

The boy’s condition has been upgraded to stable condition and in spite of losing a foot, Szymanki’s family says he’s in good spirits.

The victim’s principal at Hough Street Elementary, Dr. Lori Wilcox, wrote a Facebook message on Monday:

“By now, many have heard about the train accident involving a Hough student Friday evening. Fortunately and incredibly, he survived the mishap and is expected to recover from his injuries. Although his recuperation will be lengthy, we look forward to welcoming him back to school as soon as possible. For now, he is in the hospital, he is in stable condition and in good spirits. His family appreciates the outpouring of support from the community.”

The school is asking those who want to send their well wishes to do so via Hough Street Elementary School, 310 S. Hough Street, Barrington, IL 60010, Attn: Dominic.