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Speeding father ignores cops chasing him as wife goes into labor (video)

Ashley and Tyler Rathjen pulled over for speeding with Ashley gave birth to son. Screen shot via KCRG.

A father who was speeding in Iowa City, Iowa, last week had a good excuse to tell the cops who were chasing him, trying to get him to pull him over.

Tyler Rathjen was rushing to the hospital because his wife, Ashely Rathjen, was starting to give birth to their son while en route to the hospital. Tyler said he was aware of the police officers chasing him but he said his first priority was to get his wife to the hospital to deliver their son safely.

Tyler was two blocks from the hospital when he was forced to stop at a stop light around 10 P.M. CST.

When officer Kevin Wolfe got out of his squad car, Tyler jumped out of his SUV and explained to Wolfe that his wife was having a baby. Officer Wolfe then approached the passenger side and witnessed Ashley giving birth to their son, Owen.

Baby Owen weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces.

Officer Wolfe then escorted the couple to the hospital rather than wait on the ambulance.

The couples other children are reportedly confused as their story has gone viral and they have classmates asking about it. According to KCRG, Owen’s younger brothers have been telling friends that their mom and dad had a baby in their car and got arrested; too young to understand why the police were involved.