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NYC video surveillance captures pit bull attack on youngster

6-year-old viciously attacked by pit bull — caught on video surveillance. Screen shot via You Tube.

Video surveillance captured a horrifying scene on Sunday when a young girl, 6-years-old, was viciously attacked by a pit bull without any provocation.

The unidentified girl was walking with her grandmother in the Bronx neighborhood in NYC, when a pit bull made a beeline for the girl and started whipping her around while clutching her in its jaw. The ghastly scene was caught on surveillance video.

Witnesses quickly took action and started fighting off the dog with one bystander even grabbing a hammer to try to fend the dog off.

The girl was eventually released from the jaws of terror and taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated and released. Remarkably, the girl only suffered puncture wounds to her arms and legs and was not seriously injured.

According to NBC 4 News, police were able track down the owner of the pit bull, who lived across the street from where the attack occurred  and issued him a citation for having his dog off leash. Police did not, however, remove the pit bull from its owners home.