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Source: Prince William and Kate Middleton baby name revealed

Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly leak baby name, according to source. Screen shot via YouTube.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are expecting their first child in July, have reportedly leaked the name of their baby, according to Hollywood Life via a source on Wednesday.

The leak comes on the heels of another alleged leak made by The Duchess of Cambridge herself.

Apparently Middleton slipped that she was having a girl earlier this month after she greeted an adoring fan in a crowd who offered the Duchess a white teddy bear. Middleton allegedly responded with, “Oh, thank you. I’ll take that for my d….”

Another bystander asked the Duchess if she was about to say “daughter” to which Middleton replied, “Oh, no.” But the bystander thinks the cat’s out of the bag.

Now one insider is not only confirming that the future King of England and his bride are having a daughter, but revealing her name as well.

Drum-roll please:

Elizabeth Diane Carole.

If the royal couple are planing on naming their baby Elizabeth Diane Carole, it is said to be in honor of Queen Elizabeth and Williams mother, Princess Diana. Carole is the female variation of Charles, so is Middleton would be scoring royal points with all of the blue bloods of England. Elizabeth is also a name that reportedly runs in Kate’s family as well.