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Lawsuit claims toddler ate used condom at Chicago McDonald's

McDonald’s at 5733 S. Kedzie Ave. in Chicago, Ill. where woman claims her toddlers ate a used condom. Screen shot via Google maps.

A Chicago woman filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against a south side Chicago McDonald’s, alleging her toddler, Jacquel, 2-years-old, found and ate a used condom while the family was visiting the restaurant’s play area.

Anishi Spencer claims she took her children, Jonathan, 3-years-old, and Jacquel to the play area inside McDonald’s where the children found a used condom on the floor and ate it. Spencer says that she had to seek medical treatment for Jacquel because the child started coughing up pieces of condom.

Part of Spencer’s complaint accused the restaurant of failing to keep the play area clean and sanitary. The suit also claims that McDonald’s was negligent in not properly monitoring the area for “deviant activities” which led to the improper disposal of the condom on the play area floor.

According to the Sun Times, Spencer is seeking $50,000 in damages and reimbursement for the child’s medical treatment.