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Young mother of infant dead after car plunges into pond

Emory Diaz-Sepulvida, 20, is survived by her infant son after she drowned Saturday night. Family photo.

A Puerto Rican woman who moved to Ill. about three years ago, is dead after her car plunged into a retention pond on Saturday night.

The victim, Emory Diaz-Sepulvida, 20, had just given birth to a baby boy 3 months prior to the accident. Diaz-Sepulvida was a single mother to the infant named Roy and was residing in Dekalb.

Diaz-Sepulvida’s car plunged into a retention pond around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday but investigators are still trying to figure out why. Weather conditions that evening were mild with light rain. Police and family believe Diz-Sepulvida may have lost control of her car when she accidentally missed a turn off.

Three other passengers were also in the car at the time of the accident, including one other adult and two juveniles, when the car flipped over and dove into the retention pond. While the passengers were rescued, divers and rescue teams could not locate Diaz-Sepulvida until seven hours later when they recovered her body because the pond was still iced over from freezing temperatures days prior.