Strange tweet goes viral: 'Found a baby on my lawn, that's new'

Kabriana Harper, 17, arrested for kidnapping cousin’s baby, leaving him in front yard of random house. Photo via Facebook.

A woman residing outside Portland, Ore. tweeted an unusual message on Tuesday after she something highly unusual lying on her front lawn.

The woman, whose twitter handle is “kristen g ™” called police on Tuesday morning, around 7 am, after she walked outside and discovered a 4-month-old baby boy lying on a blanket, underneath a tree on her front lawn.

The woman tweeted, “So. Found a baby on my lawn this morning. That’s new.”

The baby was part of missing persons case that had been reported at around 2 am on Tuesday morning. Police took a teenage suspect into custody, Kabriana Harper, who is the cousin of the baby’s mother and had been recently staying with the infant victim and his mother.

Police say that Harper abandoned the infant at “kristen g’s” house and returned back to the home of her cousin, about 11 blocks away, telling the police she was unaware of the infant’s whereabouts.

Harper, 17, has since been charged with second degree kidnapping. Police have yet to reveal what Harper’s motive was in the taking the boy.

Although court documents reveal that Harper admitted to the kidnapping, family members deny Harper had anything to do with.

According to KPTV, Harper’s uncle, Eugene McCullough told TV cameras, “This is ludicrous man. That girl ain’t never ever in her life been in trouble. The most bubbliest girl in the world. You all got her locked up.”