Police: Mother asks young children to kill grandparents

Leticia M. Silva, 31, charged with plotting to have her children kill their grandparents. Mug shot via PItt County Sherrif’s Office.

A Lakeland, Fla. woman went before a judge on Tuesday after police say she mailed her young daughters a knife with the intent to have her children kill their grandparents.

Leticia M. Silva, 31, reportedly plotted to kill her daughter’s paternal grandparents because the grandparents had custody of them for the last seven years. Silva’s daughters are seven and nine.

Silva reportedly mailed the knife to the girls at the grandparents home in Greenville, N.C. in December. The grandmother found the knife under one of the girl’s pillows and asked her about it, that’s when the girl revealed that her mother had asked her to kill her grandparents so she could be reunited with them. The youngster reportedly told that grandmother that she had no intention of carrying out her mother’s wishes and loved her.

Silva has been charged with four counts of first degree solicitation to commit murder. If convicted, she could face up to 80 years in prison.

According to WNCT, friends and family say Silva and her daughter’s paternal grandparents have been in a contentious custody battle. Some family members stood by Silva’s side during a Tuesday court appearance, accusing the grandparents of concocting and making up the whole story in order to get Silva out of the way for good.

Silva is currently being held on a 5 million dollar bond.