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Naked mother holding baby, hammer restrained by police

Mother takes Kratom, starts hallucinating.

A 27-year-old naked woman who was holding her naked baby and a hammer, screaming outside her Kelso, Wash. home was restrained by police Monday morning after several neighbors called 911.

The woman was apparently screaming out intelligible phrases and words when a neighbor tried to cover her with a blanket. The woman was thrashing around with a hammer in one hand and holding her infant in her other.

The woman, who has not yet been identified because she has not been charged, was taken to the hospital after police arrived. Police say the woman answered the door naked, with her baby and hammer still in hand, and yelling at the police to “leave here”, while also yelling “Jesus!”

The woman’s family said she was on Kratom, a synthetic marijuana which is legal in Washington. The plant was discovered in Thailand where is has been used for decades. One such side effect is hallucinations leaving some to compare it to bath salts.