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Bailey O'Neill: Bullying victim, 12, dies after he was jumped

Baily O’Neill, 12, allegedly bullied to death. Photo via Facebook.

Twelve-year-old Bailey O’Neill, a boy who as allegedly jumped by two bullies last month, died after the assault allegedly caused him fatal injuries.

O’Neill, who turned 12 on Saturday, was put in a medical coma after two classmates jumped him and reportedly beat him during recess. O’Neill suffered a concussion, seizures and a broken nose which led to a blood transfusion and then pneumonia.

According to NBC10, the bullies were suspended for two days which is not enough according to O’Neill’s parents and grandmother.

Police say they are still investigating the case and claim there is not yet enough evidence to determine if the boys who jumped O’Neill caused his seizures. Police say they will continue to interview monitors and witnesses at Darby Township School, outside Philadelphia, Pa. to try to determine if any charges should be brought against the alleged bullies.

On a Facebook page dedicated to O’Neill, an announcement was made that O’Neill had lost his battle to survive on Sunday after the family made the heartbreaking decision to take him off life support:

I would like to thank everyone who has prayed and supported Bailey and his family!! Bailey has been the strongest toughest boy I know. He has faught (sic) this battle long and hard. There just wasn’t a way to fix this. I wish I could say he will get better but I can’t. Bailey has gone to be with god today 🙁 I love you Jina Risoldi with all my heart and I will help you through this. Bailey I love you!!! Please keep Baileys family in your prayers!!!