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7-year-old Indiana girl tests positive for methadone

7-year-old tests positive for drugs. Image via stock.xchng.

A 7-year-old Fort Wayne, Indiana girl was brought to the emergency room at Parkview Hospital Randallia where she tested positive for methadone, marijuana and PCP on Wednesday.  The girl was brought to the hospital by her mother.

Fort Wayne police and Child Services were called to the hospital. Child Services reportedly attempted to interview the mother for a half hour, but she refused to discuss the situation. At some point, Child Services learned the name of someone that had been taking care of the child and may know how the drugs got into her system.

The Department of Child Services indicated that they would go to the mother’s house to interview other children living there. The Journal Gazette in Fort Wayne reports that the Department of Child Services has not released any further information as of Friday.

Charges have not been filed in the case. However, police reports indicate that the mother allegedly told someone on the phone that she would be arrested if she tried to leave the hospital. Police noticed the mother engaging in the phone call while they were awaiting the arrival of Child Services.