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7-year-old Texas girl learning how to tattoo (photos)

Alicia Gutierrez, 7, learning to become tattoo artist. Screen shot via Houston Chronicle.

A 7-year-old Abilene, Texas, girl is learning how to tattoo from her tattoo artist father, Patrick Gutierrez, according to a Houston Chronicle report on Wednesday.

The young apprentice, Alicia Gutierrez, is currently learning the ropes in her father’s tattoo parlor. Mr. Gutierrez says that he learned how to tattoo at 14-years-old and he hopes Alicia can be doing tattoos on her own by the time she’s 11 or 12.

A tender age of 7, Alicia is reportedly already able to tattoo within the lines.

Mr. Guiterrez said, “I want her by the age of 12 to just be rocking out bad tattoos. I mean, good tattoos, you know what I mean, awesome tattoos. And if she keeps up with what she’s doing now, she draws a lot and she watches me a lot, by the age of 10 or 12 she’s going to be pretty good.”

Mr. Guiterrez also said that he was able to hone his craft because he had a great deal of support from his mother and he wants to offer that same support to his daughter.

When Alicia was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said she wanted to be a tattoo artist “just like my daddy.”

Alicia demonstrated her tattoo skills on an adult volunteer, while her father stood by and observed her skills.

Alicia Gutierrez demonstrates her tattoo skills at 7.
Alicia Gutierrez honing her tattoo skills at her father’s shop.