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Hopkins gynecologist commits suicide after hidden camera probe

Dr. Nikita Levy accused of taking video of his patients. Screen shot via WBAL.

A Johns Hopkins gynecologist killed himself on Feb. 18 after hospital investigators were notified by a staff employee that the doctor may have been filming gynecological exams on a hidden camera.

Dr. Nikita Levy, 54, was accused by an employee who became suspicious of a pen he used while examining patients. The pen was reportedly worn around Levy’s neck and the employee noticed that the pen may have housed a tiny surveillance camera.

Johns Hopkins human resources department asked security was asked to question Levy on Feb. 5 in his office, where they found other suspicious devices similar to the pen. According to ABC News, Baltimore Police were notified the next day and subsequently searched Levy’s office and home whereĀ  they uncovered a magnitude of multimedia equipment including 30 servers.

On Feb. 18, Dr. Levy took his own life by suffocating himself with a bag full of helium. The suicide came a week after Johns Hopkins fired him.

Former patients have organized, filing lawsuits against Hopkins. Investigators are trying to find out if any of the footage was sold or posted online. According to the AP, Dr. Levy had several thousand patients.