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Chihuahua pack attacks 6-year-old girl

One of the chihuahua’s that reportedly attacked 6-year-old girl in Salem, Ore. Screen shot via KPTV.

A young Salem, Ore. girl is recovering after being attacked by a pack of five Chihuahuas on her way home from school.

The 6-year-old victim and her father were reportedly walking home from school on Wednesday when a group of Chihuahuas jumped on the girl and started biting her.

The girl’s father, William Van Aken, told KPTV:

“We were only two blocks from the school when the five dogs just ran up barking and they ran straight after her and I thought they were just going to come up to us and back off, but the biggest one jumped up and bit her in the shoulder.”

A cross guard who witnessed the attack helped the family chase the dogs away.

Neighbors and the cross walk guard say the small dogs have been a menace, constantly escaping their yard, running around in local parking lots and chasing people.

The victim was taken to the hospital, but was not seriously injured. Four out of the five dogs have been quarantined at the Marion County Animal Shelter until a time when a veterinarian examines each of the little dogs to determine whether they’re suitable for adoption.