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Deadbeat dad owes $1.2 million in child support

Robert Sand. Photo via U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

A New York father, listed as the number one deadbeat parent in America, spent over a decade on the run from his child support obligations.

Robert Sand, 50, pleaded guilty to evading child support payments to his two former wives for his three children.  Sand moved from New York to Florida, then left the country after warrants were issued in 2000 and 2002.  After leaving Florida, Sand went to Thailand where he had multiple odd jobs.

In January 2012, the United States Department of Health and Human Services began listing deadbeat parents on a Child Support Enforcement website in order to try and get the public’s help in locating parents skipping out on child support payments.  Sand was listed as the number one deadbeat parent.

In November 2012, Sand left Thailand and tried to enter the Philippines, where he was arrested after not having the proper identification.  Sand was deported from the Philippines and arrested by federal marshals when he arrived in Los Angeles, Calif.  He was extradited to New York in December 2012 and held without bail.

United States Attorney Lynch stated in a press release, “Sand ignored his children and his obligations for over a decade, going so far as to leave the state and ultimately the country to avoid providing support for his children.  Parents who repeatedly disobey lawful court orders to pay child support obligations and abscond to avoid the consequences place unfair burdens on custodial parents, children, and our society.”

Sand’s attorney, Glenn Obedin, stated, “He had enough and wanted to come back and have the opportunity to make it right.”

According to Obedin, Sand contacted the mothers of his children and the mothers stated that their priority is for Sand to get out of jail so he can start earning a living and begin paying back his debt.  Sand could receive up to four years in jail when he is sentenced in May.

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