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Man sues parents for failing to love him enough

Bernard Bey, 32, suing parents for his homelessness. Photo via Facebook.

A homeless Brooklyn, NY, man is suing his mother and father because he claims the reason he’s in his predicament is because his parents haven’t supported or loved him enough.

Bernard Bey, 32, claims his parents lack of parenting skills have denied him the opportunity to live up to his full potential.

Bey told a NYC radio station, “I don’t feel like my parents love me, they aren’t supportive, they’re emotionally abusive, verbally abusive. We don’t have a family bond that a a family should have.”

Bey also told the NY Post:

“Our whole family is really poor and my father doesn’t care about the situation. I feel unloved and abandoned.”

Bey is suing his parents for $200,000 and says if he wins his lawsuit, he’s going to open up a Domino’s Pizza place.

Bey claims that his family has the financial means to help him but choose not to, shirking their responsibility. Bey alleges his parents would rather he collect welfare and food stamps than use their money to help secure his future.

It’s a claim Bey’s mother, Vickie Anderson, denies. Anderson accused her son of never having a job and said that he needs to go out and get one.

Bey said he has an Associates in Accounting and denies that he hasn’t been working. Bey does admit that’s he’s currently homeless however. Bey claims his parents lack of emotional and financial support is why he is homeless.

Anderson also said, “I’m scared of my son. I live in the projects. He’s 32-years-old. That speaks for itself. Welcome to America. Everyone in America has the same opportunity. Don’t blame the parents at this point. The choice yours. You’re an adult.”

Bey said he also wants to parlay a family business into an investment in his music career. Bey claims on his Facebook page that he’s employed by TZPS Inc., a record label.

Family members have also come forward and accused Bey of lying about his parents suggesting he may be mentally ill.