Mom gives birth to two sets of identical twins

Dr. Brian Kirshon, Tress Montalvo and Manuel Montalvo on the set of the Today Show. Screen shot via Today.

A Texas couple beat the odds on Valentines day when they welcomed into the world four boys which included a rare two sets of identical twins.

The chances of delivering two sets of identical twins? — One in 70 million.

The quadruplets mother, Tressa Montalvo, 36, said she and her husband were only trying to provide their 2-year-old son a sibling when they found out they were having four boys. The couple said they were hoping for a girl but got four more boys instead.

Manuel Montalvo Jr., 43, told ABC News that he and his wife were told early on they were having twins, which was shocking enough, but when his wife was 10-weeks along, he said that his doctor found a third heartbeat and then sent the couple to a fetal medicine specialist, R. Brian Kirshon. Dr. Kirshon found the fourth heartbeat and informed the couple they were having quadruplets.

EvenĀ  more surprising, the couple conceived the quads naturally, without any fertility intervention.

The couple said they chose names starting with A, B, C and D, just for fun, and wound up naming the boys Ace, Blaine, Cash and Dylan.

The couple said they’re not done yet though, they still want to try to have a girl.