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Kellogg Special K recalled for glass fragments

Kellogg Special K Red Berries recalled for potential glass contamination. Photo via Kellogg Co.

Kellogg’s has issued a recall over the potential for dangerous contamination inside some of their Special K Red Berries cereal. Kellogg Co. is recalling the Special K Red Berries series because there’s a possibility the products may contain glass fragments.

Although Kellogg Co. claims there have been no reports of glass fragments found in the cereal, nor has anybody been injured, they issued the voluntary recall as a precaution. Kellogg Co. has not stated why they believe the potential for glass pieces inside the cereal exists.

According to the Kellogg Co. website, the recall covers the following packages:

• 11.2 ounce packages, UPC code 3800059923
– Better if Used Before Date of DEC 02 2013 followed by KNC 105 with a time stamp of 00:13-2:30
• 22.4 ounce packages, UPC code 3800078356
– Better if Used Before Date of NOV 30 2013 followed by KNA 105 with a time stamp of 07:00-08:51
– Better if Used Before Date of NOV 30 2013 followed by KNB 105 with a time stamp of 15:00-17:05
• 37 ounce packages, UPC code 3800020940
– Better if Used Before Date of NOV 30 2013 followed by KNB 107 with a time stamp of 17:31-20:05

Sizes other than 11.2 oz., 22.4 oz. and 37 oz. are not included in the recall. Also not included are packages with “Better if Used Before” dates of Nov. 30, 2013 and Dec. 20, 2013 and contain the letters KXA, KXB or KXC, however, consumers with Special K Red Berries should call to confirm if their package is part of the recall or not.

Consumers in possession of cereal packages that meet the recall identification are being asked to contact Kellogg Co. immediately so that Kellogg may offer a coupon for a replacement and possibly pick up the recalled package for further investigation.

Kellogg Co. can be reached through their website or by calling 800-962-1413 M – F 8 A.M. – 6 P.M. EST.