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Frozen baby wrongly pronounced dead

Newborn believed to be frozen declared dead is found to be alive. Photo via Benjamin Earwicker.

A Toronto, Canada, newborn girl was pronounced dead early Sunday morning after her mother gave birth to her on a frozen sidewalk.

The neonate was born with temperatures hovering around 5 degrees Fahrenheit. The baby’s 20-year-old mother went into labor and tried to walk to a nearby hospital but wound up having the baby outside, exposed to the elements, when she could no longer delay her labor.

Medics were called and arrived on the scene approximately eight and half minutes after the first emergency call was placed. Medics found the baby without vital signs and proceeded to try to resuscitate the newborn en route to the hospital. At the hospital, resuscitation efforts continued for an unknown amount of time before medical staff declared the baby dead.

Officers stood beside the body of the baby for about 90 minutes, waiting for the coroner to arrive when they noticed the newborn starting to move. Officers notified medical staff who confirmed that the infant was alive.

Experts believe the baby suffered from hypothermia, which slowed down her heart rate enough to make her vital signs undetectable, yet preserved her brain function.

According to the Star, Councillor Anthony Perruzza who is a city council member in Toronto said that he’s perplexed by mix-up and even more concerned that the young mother felt she had no other options but to walk in the hospital in dangerously cold weather.