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Dad arrested after spiking infant's bottle with bleach

Carron Washington claims he was trying to help daughter when he spiked her bottle with bleach. Screen shot via KPTV.

A 20-year-old Oscala, Fla. father was arrested on Sunday after allegedly putting bleach inside his 2-month-old daughter’s bottle.

Police believe the suspect, Carron Washington, intentionally spiked victim Caelynn Washington’s baby bottle because he was angry, but Carron denies those allegations. Carron says he’s no child abuser, claiming only to be guilty of poor judgement. Carron insists he wasn’t trying to hurt his daughter, he claims he was actually trying to help her.

Carron says Caelynn suffers from breathing problems and a friend told him if he put a little bit of bleach into the infant’s bottle, it would clear up her lungs. Carron says once the baby started to have an adverse reaction, he and Caelynn’s mother called 911 immediately.

Carron told KPTV, “It was a dumb decision on me. I heard someone else did it so I wanted to try to help her.”

Carron has been arrested and charged with child abuse. The incident is also being investigated by the Department of Children and Family Services while Carron has been ordered to stay away from Caelynn.

Meanwhile, baby Caelynn continues to recover at nearby hospital.