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6-year-old maced in revenge attack on father (video)

Child maced in New York laundromat over the weekend. Screen shot via NYC Police surveillance video.

A 6-year-old child was maced over the weekend in a vicious assault on the child and her father by a woman’s angry boyfriend who believed the man slighted his girlfriend.

The alleged attacker, Fernando Gonzalez, approached the victims, Derrick Dunn and his young daughter in a laundro0mat after Gonzalez’ girlfriend reportedly called him and told  him that she and the victim had an argument over a laundry card.

In surveillance video released by NYC Police, Gonzalez is seen going into the laundromat and pummeling Dunn while his 6-year-old child appears to be going to her father’s aid. Both victims are then maced and for unknown reasons, Gonzalez also appears to mace an innocent bystander on his way out the door.

Gonzalez reportedly called his girlfriend after the altercation and then fled, however Gonzalez reportedly turned himself into New York Police a few hours after the incident.

The father and child’s condition is unknown at this time.