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Hacker allegedly turns on Kate Gosselin, accuses Kate of conspiracy

Kate Gosselin allegedly teams ups with hackers. Photo via TLC.

After the surprising public display of comradery between Kate Gosselin and some self described hackers last week on Kate’s Twitter timeline, hackers who threatened to publish personal information and expose anybody who criticized Kate Gosselin continued to escalate the drama and make some pretty serious accusations towards Kate.

On Sunday, one of the hackers, who identified himself as Mad British Guy (MBG), had some choice words for Kate Gosselin after claiming Kate left the hackers in the dust once the hackers identities were outed by Kate critics.

The timeline of events, which led up to the most recent accusation by one of the hackers identifying himself as MBG, claims he was enlisted by Kate Gosselin herself to hack her critics accounts.

The timeline of events from tweets obtained exclusively by the Imperfect Parent, unfolded like this:

Thursday, Feb. 14: Kate tweeted to a few self professed hackers, “@MadBritishGuy @Anonym0usNL @MelaniRomer25 @Bullville you are my heroes!!!! You swooped in to defend ME? I’m in total love! THX&keep it up!”

Thursday, Feb. 14: Kate also tweeted to alleged hackers, “It’s all about LOVE here today, (&everyday now) thanks to @MadBritishGuy and @Anonym0usNL !! Bring on the love, everyone! I’m feeling it :).”

Both hackers, Mad British Guy and AnonNL, responded to Kate and told her she can send them direct messages if she needed anything else and expressed their willingness and pleasure to help her take down her “bullies”.

Kate responded to the pair that they were on her “speed-dial” or “tweet-dial”.

Kate then embroiled herself further into the brouhaha when she came back on Friday, Feb. 15 and tweeted, “Hey @Anonym0usN @MadBritishGuy love u but can u tone down ur language on here 4 me,my crowd of moms&kids?(not trying 2 b UR moms,but..).”

The scolding appeared to have insulted the hackers, yet they vowed to continue their “mission”.

After the two hackers made some threats to Gosselin critics, the critics then pursued a successful mission to out the hackers in a turnabout of events. Both hackers accounts were then shut down. It is not clear if their accounts were taken down voluntarily or by Twitter after a barrage of complaints were filed against the alleged hackers.

On Saturday, Feb. 16, Mad British Guy allegedly came back under another screen name, Christopher Doyle (@energetichacker) and tweeted, “@Kateplusmy8 Treat your ‘Hacker Friends’ like s***. Way to go b****!”

Having been identified by the critics they were targeting (Mad British Guy had posted that he was switching to a new screen name of “Christopher Doyle” before his account was closed), he reopened his old account under Mad British Guy on Sunday evening since creating sock puppet accounts appeared to be a zero sum game.

On Sunday, Feb. 17, Mad British Guy (MBG) tweeted, “Now… Me, @Anonym0usNL @ @Kateplusmy8 need to have a little chat.” The tweet only stayed up a few minutes before MBG deleted it.

Later on Sunday, Feb. 17, a person who identified himself as MBG posted on the Reality without Apologies blog, a blog authored by a Kate Gosselin critic. MBG posted a comment, extending an olive branch to those he threatened just days and hours before. In an effort to try to make peace, MGB accused Kate Gosselin of organizing a cyber attack conspiracy against all her detractors:

Hello all, I am considered as one of these ‘Hackers’. We were NOT properly informed what to do and Kate TOLD US WHAT TO DO, we had NO OPTIONS. I have available screenshots from ‘Direct Messages’ via Twitter from Kate to myself. I do not wish to release them, only if necessary. I would like to publicly apologize for any trouble me and AnonNL have caused during this #Op. We shall now delete our Tweets with the personal information of those involved IF we are excused of our actions, granted a full pardon from those who were harassing us and Tweets taken down from the attackers’ side too. If this does not happen, we shall continue stronger than ever. The choice is yours.

As of Monday morning, Mad British Guy’s account is once again deactivated, Anonym0usNL’s account continues to be deactivated and Kate Gosselin has kept her string of communication with the hackers active, although both MBG and Anonym0usNL have removed their responses to her.

Kate Gosselin has not commented on the hacker’s accusation(s) nor has she mentioned anything on her Twitter feed about her relationship with the hackers.