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First grader in hospital after students beat her up

First grader gets beat up by bullies on school bus, lands in hospital. Photo via sxc photo.

A 6-year-old Blacklick, Ohio, girl spent a day in the hospital after a group of kids jumped her on a school bus and starting beating the youngster for a perceived slight.

The first grade victim’s mother, Tracy Kane, told 10 TV News her daughter came home and said, “‘I was on the bus this morning, and as I was walking down the aisle, I bumped a girl with my bookbag. I told her I was sorry, but her sister jumped on me and jumped up on the seat and started stomping on me.'”

Kane said her daughter came home with scrapes, bruises and chunks of her hair missing. Kane wants to know how a child was beaten on a bus and nobody did anything to stop it, nor did the bus driver even notice. Kane says that her daughter was beaten all the way from the school to her house and the bus driver didn’t even bother to write up a report after seeing her daughter get off the bus injured.

Licking Heights School District confirmed that they have opened an investigation and have the incident captured on surveillance cameras. The school district has not yet commented on what, if any, disciplinary measures will be taken against the perpetrators or what steps will be taken to make sure something like this does not happen again.