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Mother and baby die during late term abortion

Late term abortion ends in tragedy. Photo via sxc photo.

A 29-year-old New York mother and her eight-month-old unborn baby died in Maryland on Thursday after the woman underwent a late term abortion.

The victim, Jennifer McKenna Morbelli, is believed to have undergone the abortion after she learned her unborn daughter suffered from birth defects, although the exact nature of the defects are not yet known. Morbelli was accompanied by family members when she underwent the procedure on Feb. 3, performed by notorious abortion advocate and clinician, LeRoy Carhart, at the Germantown Reproductive Health Center.

Morbelli was 33 weeks pregnant and had already named her child Madison Leigh. Given the abortion was attempted at such a late date, the procedure required a several step process which took place over several days. According to Christian News, the procedure began by dilating Morbelli’s cervix and waiting out the process to deliver the infant at a nearby hotel.

After the abortion was completed on Wednesday, Morbelli reportedly started to feel ill and complained of chest pains. Family members tried to reach Carhart but were unsuccessful.

Morbelli was then taken to a local hospital where she died from complications of the abortion which reportedly resulted in massive internal hemorrhaging.

Abortionist Carhart reportedly works in several states where he’s licensed to perform late term abortions and travels extensively. In 2005, Carhart was also reportedly involved in the death of a woman who underwent a late term abortion in Wichita, Kansas.