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14-year-old accused of beating 7-month-old sister to death

Baby beaten and suffocated by teen brother. Photo via Lonnie Bradley.

Johnathan Aguiluc, 14, of White Oak, Md., has been charged with the brutal beating and murder of his 7-month-old baby sister, Larissa Yanes. Aguiluc is expected to go before a judge on Monday.

Aguiluc is being held without bond on a first-degree murder charge after his mother found his baby sister lifeless upon returning home from work.

The boy’s mother, Gloria Yanes, 39, told police she left Larissa with Aguiluc on Thursday to go to work at 10:30 pm. Yanes said when she got home Friday morning, around 5:30 am, she went to get Larissa to feed her and found her unresponsive. Yanes called 911 after her attempts to wake the baby were unsuccessful. Larissa was transported to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police records indicate that Aguiluc confessed to beating his baby sister, which caused her to cry. Aguiluc allegedly admitted to police that he covered her nose and mouth to stop her crying and when she became silent, he place her in her car seat.

Police say that Aguiluc will be charged as an adult.

According to NBC Washington, police say that the mother may potentially face charges as well, if it is found that Yanes knew Aguiluc had a tendency towards violent behavior and previously tried to hurt his little sister.