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Elementary student finds name on "kill list"

Desiree McKinney, a 5th grade student at Fremont Elementary in Modesto, Calif., found her name on a classmate’s “kill list” on Wednesday.  The list was handwritten in a notebook and had several other students’ names listed.

Desiree’s mother, Bernita McKinney, learned about the list from her daughter and says that she didn’t receive notification from the school until Friday.  The school sent a note home stating that there is no reason to believe anyone is in danger.  Principal Susan Fisher wrote in the note, “We want you to know that we are deeply interested in the safety of your child.  Please be assured that all efforts are being made to continue to provide the safest environment for your son or daughter.”

However, McKinney is concerned for her daughter’s safety because this isn’t the first incident of violence from the classmate.  Allegedly the classmate has punched or pushed other students, including Desiree, several times over the past year.

“I’m not sure I’m really safe because already four other incidents have happened at school,” said Desiree.

McKinney doesn’t know what happened to the classmate, but the classmate is no longer in Desiree’s class.  California law prohibits an individual student’s discipline information from being released.

“How is (my child) going to go to school and feel safe?” asked McKinney.

Kim Newton, the Director of K-6 Educational Services for Modesto City Schools stated, “Truly, we don’t believe anybody’s in any danger.”

Lt. Rick Armendariz with the Modesto Police Department stated that officers were called to investigate the situation.  Officers did speak with the classmate and her parents, and determined that nothing criminal occurred.  The case was handed back to the school district to handle.

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