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Toddler lies about going on sugar binge (video)

First rule of “sprinkle-gate”, deny. Second rule? Deny! Screen shot via You Tube.

An adorable toddler boy, about 3-years-old, gets caught binging on cupcake sprinkles but flat out denies it; all the while his mother is filming the “sprinkle-gate” interrogation.

The boy’s mom puts the youngster on trial, trying to coax the baby in to admitting his sugar thievery but the boy stays true to his denial. Even when mom brings the tot over to show him the evidence, he still keeps up with his “Nope!”

Mom even points out the evidence all over young John’s face, but he won’t have it. After all, denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

(Pssst…John, next time, blame the baby sister!)

We think John has a fine future in a career being a defendant’s witness or a trial lawyer.