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Colo. theater shooting victims allegedly harassed by conspiracy theorists

Conspiracy theorists harass victims of Sandy Hook and Colorado shooting. Photo via Facebook.

The Colorado District Attorney overseeing victim justice in the James Holmes mass murder trial says that shooting victims, their families and witnesses have been harassed and victimized by conspiracy theorists who deny the incident occurred according to a 10 TV report on Thursday.

The same conspiracy theorists, many whom are followers of Alex Jones and Ron Paul, according the Prison Planet website, were prior “911 Truthers” who go from one tragedy to another claiming proof that massacres like the Colorado shooting and the Sandy Hook Elementary shooters were staged “events”, coordinated by the government.

A neighbor in Newtown, Conn., Gene Rosen, who provided a safe haven for six children who escaped the deadly wrath of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooter also said that he has been harassed by conspiracy theorists who have been calling him, yelling obscenities, knocking on his door and relentlessly pestering him. Rosen went on camera to express his shock and dismay over such  treatment saying that he didn’t know what to do.

Such denial of facts is often shrouded in “false flag” claims by conspiracy theorists who often claim that recent mass shootings are purposefully planned out and executed by the government or are entirely made up stories coupled with a complicit media in order to take guns away and gain further control of American citizens.

Colo. shooting prosecutors claim that some of these conspiracy theorists have impersonating shooting victims and their families in court filings and went as far as to publicize the victim’s addresses and phone numbers while mocking the victims. The Prosecutors asked a judge to redact the names of the victims, witnesses and families from court filings but many of the prosecutions witnesses and family members have already been outed by some of the conspiracy theorists.

The judge has imposed a gag order on all pending litigation and documents going forward despite media objections.