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Substitute teacher admits kicking youngster in head

Teacher admits to kicking 7-year-old in the head. Photo via Igor Bernardes Grillo.

A Mansfield, Ohio, substitute admitted on Tuesday that she kicked a 7-year-old student in the head last month while she was subbing at Sherman Elementary School.

Erika Polk, 46, who has been a substitute in the Richland County area for almost 19 years, is no longer eligible to work as a sub in that county while the the case is under investigation.

Polk told the Mansfield News, “I was wrong. He didn’t provoke me. You just have some students who are just contrary, no matter what you say to them. They’re going to be smart and just be contrary.”

Polk went on to say, “It happened right before lunch, but he didn’t want anything to do with me. I am the adult though, and I should have done something other than what I’d done.”

Polk also says that she “prefer[s] middle and high school students”, saying that she hopes she gets her job back because subbing is the only job she has. She also refers to kids as “knuckleheads.”

The young boy apparently alerted his mother on Jan. 22, the day of the incident. His mother said her second grade son said he didn’t do anything wrong, but that his teacher just kicked him in the head.