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High schoolers lose fingers in school sponsored tug-of-war

Two teens left with amputated fingers after tug-of-war game at school. Photo via Maja Piskorska.

Two teens, a male and a female, allegedly lost several fingers during school sponsored tug-of-war game on Monday.

The students attend South El Monte High School in southern California. The tug-of-war was a lunch time activity to celebrate homecoming. It is unclear how the student’s fingers were torn off.

The female student plays soccer for the high school and is a senior and the male student is a football player.

Doctors tried to reattach the fingers belonging to each student after the students were rushed to a local hospital in the Los Angeles area. The success rate on amputated fingers is about 90% according to

While investigators and medics are not releasing details of how many fingers the student’s lost or how the accident happened specifically, LA Fire Inspector Brian Riley told KNX 10.70, “They wrapped the rope around their hands and somehow the rope when on to snap, I guess it created some extra tension and caused the injuries.”