Young boy held captive in bunker heard crying

SWAT teams stand by in the standoff between police and Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65, who has been holding a young boy hostage for four days. Screen shot via ABC News.

The young Alabama hostage whom State Rep. Steve Clouse identified on Thursday by first name Ethan, has been said to be crying and calling out for his parents and grandparents. The boy has been confined to a small bunker for the past four days.

Ethan, 5-years-old, was taken by force by a man he didn’t know. Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65-years-old, grabbed the youngster off a bus after fatally shooting the bus driver who tried to stop the abduction. Dykes forced the little boy in to a homemade bunker, eight feet underground where the pair has been hunkering down for four days.

Ethan has been described by his parents as a “love bug” who suffers from ADHD and Austism.

Dykes has been described by neighbors as an extremely dangerous man who was scheduled to appear in court last Wednesday for shooting at his neighbors because Dykes believed his neighbors tried to destroy Dykes makeshift speed bump. Dykes has also been described as a “survivalist” and a Vietnam Veteran who is extremely suspicious and distrusting of law enforcement and the government. A neighbor said that Dykes beat her dog to death after the dog came near Dykes property. It is believed that Dykes worked on his bunker for a year, in the middle of the night, in-between crisscrossing his property with a gun.

The bunker is believed to be about 4 feet by 6 feet, made out of cinder-blocks, equipped with supplies for weeks or months and wired with electricity.

Young Ethan is now entering his fourth day of being confined to the tiny space. Hostage negotiators and FBI believe the boy has not been harmed physically. Officials also believe that Dykes isn’t intending to hurt the boy. Officials now believe the boy was taken to get law enforcement’s attention and keep SWAT teams from descending on the bunker by force.

Dykes has allowed police to pass toys and medication to the boy through a PVC pipe that leads from the bunker to the outside. The pipe is what federal officials are using to communicate with Dykes. It is not yet known if Dykes has made any demands or what his motives is. Neighbors say Dykes has been known to hole up in his bunker for up to eight days.