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Arizona mother arrested for tying son to post

Jaica Rowley, 36, accused of zip tying her son up to porch. Screen shot via ABC 15.

An Arizona mother was arrested on Wednesday after a tip from a neighbor led them to the home of Jaica Rowley, 36-years-old, where her 11-year-old son was found tied to a post.

Police say the boy was zip-tied by his hands and feet, the same kinds of zip ties police use to secure criminals in lieu of handcuffs, to a post on the family’s front porch. A neighbor reportedly called police after observing the child tied up.

According to KSDK News, the police report says the mother and son were in an argument because the boy left his house while he was grounded. Rowley says she tied up her son because she needed to run errands with her 2-year-old daughter and was afraid that her son would take off while they were gone.

She said she was upset because her son had just gotten in trouble for shoplifting and suffers from bipolar disorder. Rowley says her son is always acting out.

The boy’s grandmother claims that Rowley is abusive and one of the neighbors claimed that she hears Rowley yelling at her kids on a regular basis and even heard Rowley threaten the 11-year-old boy that she was gonna kill him.

Rowley denies the charges and the accusations and says she’s not alcoholic nor a child abuser and is just trying to do the best she can as a single mother of five.

Rowley said, “I never intended for my kid to be harmed. I was only trying to keep him safe and in one spot long enough for me to get my daughter out of the car and figure out what I’m supposed to do. And every single time he’s in trouble, he takes off running.”

Rowley was arrested and charged with child abuse and unlawful imprisonment and later released. She is due back in court on Feb. 7.

Rowley’s son and other children are now in CPS custody.