Teen helps police catch burglary suspect

Sophie Castaneda. Screenshot via CBS13

A 13-year-old girl, home alone and hiding in the shower, was brave enough to stare a burglar in the face and help police catch him.

Sophie Castaneda was home alone in her Stockton, Calif. home when Lataurean Conway, 31, broke into the house.  Castaneda hid in the shower while the Conway burglarized the home.  Conway found Castaneda hiding in the shower and stared at her for about five seconds before leaving.

Castaneda told CBS13, “First I noticed his big lips, and I was like, ‘Ok, I got that.’  And then, I had to see the rest of his face, and then I’d seen his stare and there was no emotion or soul.  There was just this blank stare.”

About a week later, Castaneda and her mother, Nikki, saw Conway’s picture posted on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page.  Conway had been arrested for burglarizing a house down the street from Castaneda’s home.  Castaneda recognized Conway immediately and called the police.

Nikki said, “The picture of him, just the picture of him, of this 31-year-old, the eyebrows, the face, looking at my daughter in the shower, I don’t know the closeness.  It’s creepy, it’s really, really creepy.”

Conway will be charged with the burglary of Castaneda’s house.  Investigators are looking into if he is connected to any other cases.