Beyonce responds to conspiracy theory about fake pregnancy

Beyonce performing at the MTV VMAs in 2011 in her third trimester of pregnancy, a performance that conspiracy theorists used to further claim that Beyonce wasn’t really pregnant. Screen shot via You Tube.

Conspiracy theories aren’t just limited to shadow bosses in the government or false flag events anymore. Conspiracy theories surrounding celebrities have been going on since Marilyn Monroe’s supposed government ordered murder, but one conspiracy that lingers on about pop diva Beyonce, gives the government a pass.

Many conspiracy followers in the social networking circle believe that Beyonce, 31, was never pregnant and used a surrogate to have her baby. For some, it’s the only explanation as to how Beyonce got her rockin’ body back in record time. Those who wish to ride the in the wake of the chem trail illusion, claim that Beyonce didn’t look pregnant when she was supposed to be in her later stages. Some also claim that it was only Beyonce’s belly that became perfectly round and large while the rest of her body stayed suspiciously pre-pregnancy size, without any swelling and with minimal, all-around weight gain.

In February’s edition of GQ magazine, Beyonce finally addresses the issue, saying the rumors of a fake pregnancy are hurtful:

“I felt like I kind of had to protect my mother, because when people made up the silliest rumor about me not really being pregnant, she was there when I went through all of those things. And my sister. They were very, very defensive. It’s not personal to me, and it comes along with the job, but the lack of respect—people will just go too far sometimes.”

Beyonce also describes the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, as “amazing”. Beyonce went on to say, “[G]iving birth made me realize the power of being a woman”.

“I actually feel like my child introduced me to myself”.

The GQ interview was too late for a comment on the lip syncing debacle at President Obama’s Monday inauguration however, a choice which may lend more fuel to the conspiracy theorist’s claims.