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Pregnant stripper fist fights other stripper, police called

Two strippers, one pregnant, go after each other over a $1. Photo via Aaron Sesker/Flickr Commons.

Two Wisconsin strippers reportedly duke-d it out after a customer handed one of them a dollar bill, but the other dancer swiped the money before the rightful owner could take it.

The flagrant rejection of “stripper code” left one of the exotic dancers so angry, she started to punch, kick, slap and pull the hair of the alleged dollar bill snatcher. The other stripper fought back as they rolled around on the floor, beating on each other. One of the strippers involved in the altercation was reportedly pregnant.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Department was called to break up the fight at the Silk Exotic stripper establishment on Thursday evening in Juneau, Wisc..

According to the Post Crescent, Sheriff Todd Nehls said that the strip club typically operates without any drama. Nehls told the paper, “I was surprised by this as we seldom receive calls for service from this business, this is a rare exception”.

The two women were cited for disorderly conduct.