Maintenance worker finds dead fetus clogging toilet

Azalea Place apartments where maintenance worker found dead fetus clogging toilet. Photo via Google Maps.

A maintenance worker who responded to a call about a clogged toilet on the first floor of an apartment building he maintained in Houston, Texas, was horrified to find the reason behind the malfunctioning toilet. The maintenance worker was called to the Azalea Park apartment complex in southwest Houston on Thursday only to find a dead fetus clogging the toilet.

KHOU reported that what started out as an ordinary maintenance call turned into a police investigation after the maintenance worker found a dead fetus to be the source of the clog.

Three people were reportedly listed on the apartment lease and all three were home at the time of the discovery. Two of those residents were taken in for questioning by Houston Police.

An autopsy is being performed on the fetus to determine if the baby was born alive or if it was a stillborn.

A neighbor told KHOU that she believed that one of the woman in the apartment had been recently pregnant.

Police believe the pregnant woman flushed the fetus down the toilet.

Investigators called the incident “disturbing” and “bizarre”.