California girls write book of rules

Screen shot via Sacramento Bee

Two Sacramento, Calif. girls appeared on NBC’s “Today” show after a Walmart employee found their book of rules in a parking lot.

Isabelle Busath, 10, and Isabella Thordsen, 8, wrote a book of 158 rules in order to remember lessons and teach fellow classmates to follow the rules.  The girls lost the book in a Walmart parking lot and Walmart employee Raymond Flores found it while collecting shopping carts.

Isabella told Matt Lauer that her favorite rules are “don’t bite the dentist” and “no texting while you are driving.”  Other rules in the book include “don’t color on people,” and “eat the food you get served.”

“He was really nice not throwing it away,” Isabella said about Raymond.

Isabella’s mom told Fox40 that “the phones are off the hook, the emails.  The support has been amazing.”

The girls are receiving email requests for copies and are receiving publishing offers.  “It makes me feel happy and like that I can follow some rules to have a good life and stuff,” said Isabelle.

When asked which rules are the hardest to follow, Isabelle said, “The hardest for me to follow is to be nice to my 5-year-old little sister.  She gets into my stuff.”

Isabella said “No hitting people, because I get mad at my brothers.”

Sources: Sacramento Bee, Fox40